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Is this you?

You feel energized to change your habits, you are the very essence of compassion and love, and you are living out your fantasy.

At The Love Yourself Naked™ Video Summit, you’ll learn from the best. Our speakers are world renowned and all so unique in how they have created love and success in their lives, bodies, careers, families, and in the world.

Here you are, reading these words. I like to think it all happened for a reason, and it is not an accident that you’ve arrived here today.

There is something profound that you will gain from this summit. You must open yourself up to that possibility.

Our biggest fear is that we won't be seen. We won't feel loved. Our mate will find someone else and they won't love us anymore. We won't ever lose the pounds that we've put on over the years.

We hold onto shame because we break agreements with ourselves when it comes to our bodies, self-care, food choices, finances, and relationships. We often wonder if some of this contributes to our health, thighs, and the belly bulge that won’t go away.

Are You Ready?

The investment is 20 minutes each day for 12 days, and we’ll have thousands of people from countries all over the world that will be experiencing this right along with you.

Each day we’ll pull the curtain back on a new video or two and you’ll begin to walk the journey of Love Yourself Naked™ through these AMAZING interviews that will inspire, open you up, and encourage you into action.

THE INVESTMENT IS 20 MINUTES EACH DAY FOR 12 DAYS and the intent is to transform.
There is no catch… this is 100% free.

Join us September 10-22 at 7pm Eastern | 6pm Central | 5pm Mountain | 4pm Pacific *there will be no video on Sunday, September 16. Use this day to practice what you’ve learned in week 1.

When you are open, it is incredible what can show up in your life.

"Your soul is rooting for you!"

You know you've made it onto this journey of Love Yourself Naked™ when you’ve done some of the following:

•You watch your body open up and heal ailments, illnesses, allergies, hormonal issues, etc. that you once took pills to fix.

• You acknowledge that what goes into your body changes your cells, thoughts, and life. You eat clean food with pleasure, and you impact relationships and the earth.

• You practice self-care, self-love, sleep, and gratitude for your body and soul. You respect your body and soul by making it one of your top priorities.

• You are a woman who is on purpose and she knows what she wants.

• You take time daily to pray, check-in, meditate, be still, do yoga. You take ownership of your body and spirit and you support yourself emotionally in whatever spiritual way works for you.

• You open yourself up fully in relationships with both men and women in your life. When you are with someone you love, family, a friend, or a romantic relationship, you open your heart up fully to that person and trust in him or her. You continue to open up more and more…

• You strip down the obstructions that have kept you from being your authentic self and speaking your truth.

• You stand strong in your pleasure and femininity of being all woman. You love her and support her and let her go wild when she needs to, and relax when she needs to.

• You get to know her fully and in every way.

During this life-changing event, you'll be guided through
12 powerful days of presentations on a variety of topics:


KC Baker


Andrea Nakayama

Heather Chauvin
Jessica Drummond

Bonus: There will be two 20 minute videos today. Plan 40 minutes into your schedule for this day


Jena La Flamme


Meggan Watterson
Michelle Fetsch

Bonus: There will be two 20 minute videos today. Plan 40 minutes into your schedule for this day.


Carey Peters



Alisa Vitti


Christine Arylo


LiYana Silver

DAY 10

Kate Northrop

DAY 11



Debbie Phillips

DAY 12

Nisha Moodley

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Love Yourself Naked™:
World Renowned Women
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The Transformation.


If you are reading these words, you are likely someone who has not given up and you are in search for solutions to your weight, money, relationship, and work stresses.You are still searching and you’ve tried so many different paths to achieve your goals and they just don’t seem to stick. The weight comes back. The bills pile back up. The organization doesn’t improve. You get busier. Your relationships get more challenging, and you still lay awake stressing at night about children, your body, your work, or your money. If only you had a little more time in your day.

“I dress quickly every morning to avoid catching a glimpse of my body in the mirror. My self esteem was so low, I stopped trying to lose the pregnancy weight. Instead, I gorged myself, pushing down my emotions as I ate."

"When you are a child that doesn’t feel like you are good enough… it shows up in your life as a woman. That little girl is still hanging onto the fact that she doesn’t feel good enough."

We do not claim to “know everything,” because it’s this very idea that “I know everything” that gets passed down from generation to generation and keeps us from living Love Yourself Naked™ in this present moment.

In order to make a change, we must be in the pain. In every good story, there is always a turning point. We often ignore the pain at first. We decide that we don’t have time to deal with it or we desire for it to go away or we don’t want to face reality. We are scared to look at what is really wrong. Within that pain… within that deep fear lies the answer to your problems. It is there that you look.

Your weight loss answer doesn’t exist outside of you on a shelf somewhere. I have the belief that the answer is inside of you right now.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi


"101 Ways to Love Yourself Up



When you register today, you’ll receive immediate access to the video and handout above.

The principles of Love Yourself Naked™ are about much more than the food you eat and your reflection in the mirror.

This summit is about using your voice, speaking your truth and being vulnerable enough to dig deep and feel all of the stuff that you don’t think you have time to. This release affects weight loss and long term health and happiness.

Enter Your Name and Email to
Get Access to the FREE 12-Day
Video Summit:
Love Yourself Naked™:
World Renowned Women
Share Their Secrets

We respect your privacy.
We will NEVER share your email address with anyone.



You will not find “right” and “wrong” here.

You will not find one way and a blueprint plan.

You will not find the definition of the perfect body.

You will not find speakers who think they know everything about life.

What you will find are women expressing themselves with oneness and vulnerability. As they share and open themselves up to you, our audience, it will allow you to do the same.

As I learned from one of our speakers, KC Baker (School For The Well-Spoken Woman), your role as an audience member in this summit is just as important as our role in delivering it to you. I’m sure you’ll love hearing KC explain this, just like I did. She’ll be our first speaker, and we’ll be chatting about Truth.


Love Yourself Naked™ is about embracing each of your life stages more and more as you come into your own. This is how you begin to strip down.

While we are chasing the desire, want, and need to be important, to be noticed, to be recognized, to be accepted, to be wanted… our mind (ego) tends to put us out on a stage. Meaning, in our vision of the world, the only way to love myself or my body, and to be accepting of myself, is if I feel it outwardly or someone else convinces me. We believe this is the only way.

There is no superiority in Love Yourself Naked™. You aren’t more important than anyone else because of “your opinion,” “your body,” “your status,” or “your point of view.”

We are interested in seeing your humanity.

Please know that “your humanity” will love feeling sexy in a pair of stilettos and a tight black dress, and we won’t be able to take our eyes off of you.

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With Love,


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